Getting in touch with iPad – How to start Your Venture with a Complex Gadget

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iPad Mini

Whether you have just purchased or received an iPad, this is an excellent addition to your gadget collection. However, if you are not familiar with the sophisticated Apple products, you will most likely feel a little overwhelmed and taken over by the advanced technologies. You tend to get lost within the first uses, but this is absolutely normal. It takes time to learn how to use such a complex gadget. Your new iPad can be used as a digital recording studio, an alarm clock or even an exam assistant. So how do you start exploring your possibilities and what do you do first?

Get some applications

Apple claims to have around 150,000 applications in the official App Store and this number keeps increasing. It might sound a little too much for you to browse and find the right ones. Fortunately, the finding function can give you a hand. Look at the top 10 applications from various categories and concentrate on those for now. You may find such rankings both in the App Store and iTunes. You do not necessarily have to pay any money, so stick to the free ones.

Some of the most common softwares a lot of newbies rely on include:

  1. Their favorite instant messengers
  2. Facebook, Twitter or other social media applications
  3. Books

Take a look over the newsstand

The publishing industry hopes that a new wave of tablets will bring in a new air or atmosphere. There are major names out there – such as Conde Nast or Hearst – that invested a lot of money in the iPad versions of their magazines. You can purchase or download subscriptions to some of your favorite magazines, not to mention about the local newspapers. The costs are very affordable.

Explore iBooks

Apple iBooks

Apple iBooks

iBooks is a pre-installed application on iPad. According to Apple, the store hosts more than 700,000 titles, so finding your favorite books is piece of cake. Look after a book you have always wanted to read, yet you never found in a printed version. You can just as well check out reviews or plots for the highly ranked titles.

Interested in playing?

It is less likely to find sophisticated games like those you enjoyed on your old computer, but the App Store has dozens of thousands of names for you to try. Some of them are more popular than others, while sometimes you might have to pay for the full versions. The most popular games that also have free versions for download include Angry Birds or Cut The Rope. If you want a particular type or genre, you are free to browse by category and perhaps see a few screenshots too.

Get in touch with other users

The best way to enjoy and understand the full capabilities of your new addition is to get in touch with someone who knows how to use it. If you are lucky enough, some of your friends may already have it and can give you some useful tips or ideas. Do not hesitate to register on specific message boards and forums either. Getting an iPad can be a great way to socialize and meet others.

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